Mission Statement.

Conlustro Research has developed, designed lamps which we believe that are world leading. We have created the world’s first internal and external lamps running 222nm.

This means that we have taken air and surface sterilization to a new level. The ability to sterilize and operate in both environments.

Our Far UV products will be situated alongside normal lighting in medical, elderly care, industrial, commercial, retail, and household facilities to dramatically reduce or eliminate the incidence or spread of common colds and flu, hospital-acquired chemical or antibiotic-resistant microbes (MRSA. M.TB or C Diff) and more virulent infectious diseases such as COVID-19, SARS, MERS or Ebola.

Our mission is to continuously maintain and improve the quality of life for people everywhere and provide universal infectious disease mitigation.

We believe our lamps offer the best solution for air and surface sterilization.

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