Conlustro™ Far UVC Lamps
Protecting our Businesses.
Conlustro™ Far UVC Lamps
Protecting our lives.

Conlustro™ Far UVC Lamps
Protecting our elders and most vulnerable.

Conlustro™ Far UVC Lamps
Protecting our little ones whilst at school.
Conlustro™ Far UVC Lamps
Protecting our key workers and first responders

Always Protecting

Conlustro™ Far UVC lamps operate at a fixed 222nm wavelength. This wavelength provides the next generation of UVC technology that is human and animal safe.

Our lamps provide the protection for commercial and personal environments not only for infectious diseases and pathogens but for general cleaning operations.

Our lamps can be used in human-occupied space and our lamps can be used both indoors (internal) and outdoor (external) operating environments.

Conlustro™ Far UVC lamps are the preferred choice for air and surface sterilisation using 222nm (FAR UVC) technology in both commerical and residential environments.


Always Safe

Conlustro™ Far UVC lamps work autonomously, independently and continuously in occupied spaces and have safety sensors built in to protect humans and animals.

Our lamps will sterilise an area from pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungi) in either occupied or non-occupied spaces. Our lamps operate on a full-on or on-cycle or sensor basis.

We are the world leader in 222nm technology and our lamps are manufactured by us and have been rigorously tested to be fixed at 222nm wavelength and will not create ozone.

Our post-sales support involves audit control and inspections of the lamps to ensure that they are operating correctly. We partner with our clients to know they will always have the highest levels of customer service and quality assurance.

Always Sanitising

Conlustro™ lamps will constantly sanitize the area in the vicinity of the lamp.

No manual intervention, no manual cleaner, no extra cleaning products needed.

World Leading 99.9999% effective Air and Surface sterilization during lamp operation.

Sensor-On or On-On for constant COVID19 sanitization.

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Conlustro™ Far UVC 222nm light fixtures provide 99.999% sterilization of occupied spaces at 222nm UV-C wavelength with air and surface sterilization in the vicinity of the lamps.

Conlustro™ sterilization lighting is the world’s first and only fully autonomous, safe, and continuous sterilization solution for any known virus, bacteria, or fungi in occupied spaces.

COVID19 has been proven to be sterilized with 222nm wavelength but the investment in these lamps will mean that future pandemics or even recurring inflections are now a thing in the past.

The lamps will air and surface sterilize the area in front of the lamps and will not require any manual intervention. Always protecting and always sterilizing the area without fail.

Far-UVC Light 222nm Far UV efficiently and safely inactivates airborne human coronaviruses

The revolutionary ability for 222nm Far UVC wavelength light to sterilize pathogens (like COVID19, C-diff, MRSA or M.Tb) means that this lighting is as simple as conventional lighting.

The new world normal post-Covid19 will be the use of 222nm lighting everywhere as would we use normal lighting, however these special lights will protect our spaces and our lives from viruses, bacterium and spores in the air and on our surfaces.

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